Shrewsbury Workshop

DRW Shrewsbury is launching with a workshop over the weekend 3rd – 4th June 2017.

DRW is a registered charity and run entirely by volunteers who have also been through the painful experience of a relationship breakdown. As facilitators, we have been through a significant relationship breakdown and benefited from the workshop ourselves.

The topics covered are:-

Is this really happening to me? Coping with your ex-spouse, Assuming new responsibilities, Letting go and forgiveness, Family matters’ and Thinking about new relationships.

Meeting others who have experienced the same feelings of anger, frustration, hurt, rejection and loneliness in a supportive environment can help you “grow” through the experience rather than ‘go’ through it.

We are there to help you take a new look on your new circumstances, and together others in the same situation you’ll be amazed how attending the Workshop will help you.

Lynne and the team in Shrewsbury are here to help YOU.

Why not find out more, call or email
Tel: Lynne 07811 578180

Next Course –
Saturday 3rd June 9.30am-5.00pm & Sunday 4th June 12.30pm-4.15pm

Claremont Street

Cost £60 including non-refundable £10 deposit
(reductions may be available where appropriate)

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