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DRW accomplishes this using video material which provides a constructive focus and small group sessions that offer a safe and secure environment in which to discuss and understand personal feelings. There are the following six sessions. Each lasts for about two hours.

The six sessions are:-

  • Is this really happening to me?
  • Coping with your ex-spouse
  • Assuming new responsibilities
  • Letting go and forgiveness
  • Family matters
  • Thinking about new relationships   

The workshop is run by volunteers who have suffered the breakdown of a relationship and who have attended the workshop as a participant. Participation in the workshop helps people to understand what they are going through, provides support from others in the same situation and helps them to adjust to your new status. They will also find that recovery from traumatic experiences can bring opportunities for personal growth.

You can ‘go’ through the experience or ‘grow’ through it.

DRW is suitable for anyone of any age, gender, faith or background, and at any stage of separation or divorce.

Divorce Recovery Workshop (DRW) is a registered Charity and a non-profit organisation dedicated to helping people come to terms with a marriage or relationship that has irretrievably broken down.

A relationship breakdown leading to separation and perhaps divorce is one of the most traumatic events that can happen in your life’.

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