Workshop Feedback

What have past attendees said about the workshop ?

divorce-is-painful( … extracts from comments made on end of course forms)

“The workshop has helped me understand that others go through the same thing”

“Very informative and reassuring”

“I am not the only one going through what I feel etc.”

“Good to meet others in the same situation. Enjoyed the DVDs, found they helped greatly”

“Has given me some confidence to move forward”

“Has made me realise that people survive and that forgiveness is a big part of that”

imagesCA8EA20T“It has helped me to let go and move on”

“Enabled me to voice feelings and share with the group”

“Not feeling alone”

“It was good to meet people that have been through similar situations”

“I am more understanding and not so angry”

“Taken responsibility for my part of the breakdown”

“I feel more positive”

354999“Good to talk about divorce related matters with people with similar experiences”

“Support and feedback from other people. Practical advice from like people”

“It has helped me reflect on my own experiences and the experiences of others”

“It has helped me feel that although my marriage failed, I myself am not a failure”

“I perceive the past in a less negative way”

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