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We are a national charity, established over 25 years helping people from any background to come to terms with the end of a relationship (married or not), you can contact us on our National Enquiries line or email us info@drw.org.uk for more information.

NATIONAL ENQUIRIES   0333 335 0489

Next Residential Workshop

Last Weekend Residential Course of 2019
Scargill House, Skipton (North Yorkshire) 8–10 November
Call Ian 07799 864250 for further information

or email scargill@drw.org.uk

"The workshop has helped me understand that others go through the same thing, it has helped me to let go and move on, it has helped me feel that although my marriage failed, I myself am not a failure, it was good to meet people that have been through similar situations ..."

Residential Workshops

NATIONAL ENQUIRIES   0333 335 0489

Local Workshops


Our next workshop will be Spring 2020. Why not join us? DRW is a registered charity and run entirely by volunteers who have also been...


Next workshop is Autumn 2019, Tuesday nights from 10th Sept - 15th Oct at the Quay Church Hall, in Woodbridge. During that time we’ll cover...


Our next workshop will be in the Autumn, Saturday 19 and Saturday 26 October, we look forward to welcoming you!  Contact us for more...


Our next workshop will be in October, Friday 18th evening,  Saturday 19th daytime, and Friday 25th evening, Saturday 26th daytime, Why not join us?...


DRW's next Wilmslow workshop will be in the Autumn. Why not join us? We are a registered charity and part of the national DRW organisation....

Sutton Coldfield

Our next workshop starts on the 25th February 2020 and runs for 6 consecutive Tuesday evenings, but as our workshops are extremely popular and...


Our next Malvern workshop will be in the Autumn, starting 28th September, continuing on 5th and 12th October. Why not join us? The team have...


Our Next Course is in the Autumn, Join Us! Leicester DRW was formed in 1995 to support people going through the trauma of separation and...

NATIONAL ENQUIRIES   0333 335 0489

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